6 Maintenance Tips for Your Roof

Modern House with Multiple Roof Lines

Have you had to replace your roof before? Then, you know that it is an expensive process. The single best way to protect your roof and keep it in good shape for a long life is to perform routine maintenance regularly. Making certain that your roof is in the best shape it can be ensures that the many important structural parts of your home are safely housed.

Roofing Shingles

This is an easy one. Since shingles are visible, it is simple to check. If one or more is missing, you may have a more serious problem than you think. It opens up your home to the elements. Severe weather and tree limbs are the biggest issues.

Damaged Granules

Asphalt shingles contain many tiny granules composed of glass pellets that reflect radiation from the sun. The roof’s underlayment can quickly deteriorate due to sun exposure if the granules are damaged or removed. It’s important to check for shingle damage at the downspouts where they empty for deposits of the granules.

Climb on the Roof

Physically climbing on your roof and looking for shingles that contain rips, tears and indentations. Plan on doing this in the spring and fall seasons plus after any major storms.

Clearing Out Trees and Debris

To protect your roof, keep your trees trimmed and away from the roofline. Make sure that other debris does not accumulate on the flat part of the roof either.

Check Inside Your Home

Another indication of a roof problem, is checking your ceiling for water stains, cracks, and bowing. Take a look in your attic as well. Look up regularly for a possible issue.

Yearly Roof Inspection

Spending a little time and money to have an annual inspection performed will go a long way to saving you a big expense. Call an experienced roofing company in your area to make an appointment.

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