Considerations for New Construction Roofing

When building a new home or commercial structure, there is a tremendous amount of research, planning, selecting materials, interviewing contractors and subs, etc. that has to be done in advance. Determining what roof you select is at the top of the list. It is what ultimately protects your home or office from the elements and it needs to be able to hold up against the weather in your area.

In the beautiful west coast of Florida, you will want to select a design that is aesthetically pleasing with quality materials to get the perfect look.


There are some essential considerations while planning your new roof:

Understand roof options

Take the time to research and educate yourself on each possible material available in your area and what the pros and cons are so you can make an informed decision.

Plan / Research

Working with a trained and credible roofing contractor is crucial in any construction project especially to understand the materials, budget, safety, etc.

Permits / Inspections

For new construction, there are building permits and inspections that the average homeowner would not have experience with. A licensed and insured contractor will be knowledgeable in this area.


Living in Florida, you have extreme heat, rainstorms, thunderstorms, tornados, waterspouts, and a long hurricane season. All of these conditions require someone with knowledge to focus on energy efficiency and durability. You’ll need to consider a custom roofing system that will hold up against high winds.


There are numerous options to discuss and select making sure your vision is met:

  • Roofing overall style
  • Slope and dimension
  • Aesthetic options
  • Unique design
  • Shingle style, color, and quality
  • Tile style, color, and quality
  • Under layer types and durability desires
  • Architectural matching with structure design in mind
  • Continued maintenance for ongoing quality
  • Future roofing planning and renovation abilities

If you are thinking about building a home or office and need new construction roofing, contact No. 1 Home Roofing.

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