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Clearwater, Florida homes are often those near to or on the water. Waterfront homes can often be at high risk for surging of the tides during storms, when water levels change dramatically and cause further flooding. Owners of both smaller and larger homes in Clearwater should be aware of the potential for damage-causing storm systems, which often result in the need for roof repair or replacement.

No. 1 Home Roofing prides itself on knowing its neighbors. Being roofing contractors in the Palm Harbor area makes for years of expert knowledge on Clearwater’s storm seasons, potential damages, and the need for emergency services. Providing quality materials and installation by highly skilled roofing contractors goes a long way when it comes to maintaining your roof and a moisture-free interior of your home.

For ensuring safety of your home and minimal roof repairs after major storms, make sure you keep in contact with No. 1 Home Roofing. Our GAF Timberline and Owens Corning products offer a wide variety of storm-resistant materials to better suit your needs for the Clearwater, FL area.

It is also important to be aware of the many problems the roof of your home or office may incur and how best to solve those problems. When homeowners think of the varying seasons of weather and the root causes of many of their past housing repairs, they may take into consideration that the area is known for its frequent tornado-producing weather. It may also be noted that hurricanes are more likely to affect the area, though not directly hit it. Flooding of lower-level ground when tides are high causes damage to homes, but doesn’t affect the roof unless the water is also coming from large-volume rainfall, which can result in molding pools of water on roofs.

Higher winds often affect the areas closer to Clearwater Beach, lending to debris-related destruction of property. Homes and businesses in the area therefore face weather extremes that threaten the integrity of their structures’ roofs. Those with smaller businesses by the beach, most commonly with flat roofs, will find concern in terms of roof life, with the potential for punctures and interior water damage caused by tornadoes, hurricanes, and heavy rains.

Further damages from poor weather lead to damaged fascia, misplaced and loose flashings, torn or punctured membranes, missing shingles or tiles, and complete or partial blow-offs. The most specific worries you should have in regard to your important investment is roofing problems associated with tornadoes and water damage from the downpours in spring and summer. If you do run into issues, you can always hire the highest rated Clearwater roofers!

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