Dunedin Roofing Installation and Repair

Residing in beautiful Dunedin, you’ll know the potential for high humidity, especially in the mornings and during spring and summer months. Being on the west coast of the state, and directly beside the Gulf of Mexico, chances for in climate and destructive weather can often be higher than national averages.

While humidity affects roofing systems in a minor way, precipitation is a major threat to the integrity of the roof on your home or business in Dunedin. July, August, and September see the most rainfall, with August averaging 9 inches of rainfall each year. The excess moisture can make for difficult situations and necessary repairs overtime, as ponding and membrane damage are both seen more frequently.

Threatening still, tornado activity tends to be much higher in the area, though common, daily winds are not as high. Tornadoes have affected the area with record wind speeds of nearly 300 mph, lending upwards of $50,000,000 in damages to the area. Wind speeds and tornado activity will negatively affect your roof, especially in cases where it was never properly constructed. Poorly affixed shingles and tiles may be at risk of blow-offs during extreme winds and while debris is being tossed at alarming speeds, as well. Trusting your roofing design, construction, and repairs to No. 1 Home Roofing will reduce potential blow-off situations.

Hurricanes, floods, and other tropical storm systems have a deep impact on the Dunedin area, and in much of Pinellas county. Being on the west coast and beside the gulf, the area takes a greater amount of damage than inland cities. When hurricane season is in effect, higher amounts of moisture, debris damages, hail, and even floods pose threats to homes and businesses. Roofing systems are in danger of incurring major damages at this time, ranging from large punctures to even entire destruction. When your roof caves in or is removed by hurricane wind speeds and debris volume, you may be able to get replacement or repair covered by insurance.

Aside from potential weather threat within the Dunedin area, you may also notice that roofs could be at risk of falling branches from the older trees in the area. Dunedin is known for its beautiful shade trees, primarily the towering oaks that grace many of the historic lanes. Trees in the town are sometimes under protection laws and therefore forbidden from being removed, which makes for a tricky situation when regular dry foliage is sloughed off and the trees, sometimes 60 feet in height, drop the dry foliage and branches onto the roofs of homes and businesses.

No. 1 Home Roofing makes the stress of damage repair after a storm much lighter. When you’re in an emergency situation, we are a simple phone call away and can send out our roofing professionals to give you the best plan of action in going forward with damage control to your roof. Our products offer guarantees and hold up against storm systems much better than products of competitors. Contact us today if your Dunedin home or business is in need of a roofing repair, replacement, or for a new roof design and installation in the area. We are right around the corner in Palm Harbor and ready to serve you!

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