Largo Roofing Installation and Repair

In many studies, it has been deduced that the Largo/St. Petersburg area is the number one city in America that is at most risk for flood surging and hurricanes. While a direct hit hasn’t been recorded in many decades, the Tampa region has narrowly avoided major hits by storms nearly 100 times in the past 150 years. Areas all around Tampa, Largo, and St. Petersburg have had damages and floods that have wrecked many family homes. Weather projections are now showing that with rising sea levels, Largo will receive flooding of up to 6.5 feet in the next 14 years.

With this information in mind and the long history of surrounding storm damage showing trends that the area will suffer a direct hit at some point in the future, it is important that homeowners realize the potential hazards their homes face. No. 1 Home Roofing is in the business of ensuring safety and durability in your home’s roof. When you reinforce your roof with top materials, you protect your home.

Other storm systems in Largo, tornadoes in particular, have a high damage rate and have caused many shingle and tile blow-offs. Aside from being directly hit by a tornado system’s wind, the larger debris, especially tree branches, causes the most damage to roofs in the area. Older trees–grand trees, oaks, cypress, and mangrove–are among the many protected trees in the area which require a permit for removal. Those trees and others, older and often prone to disease, may be the ones posing the most risk to your home’s roof when a large storm system is affecting Largo.

The most at-risk parts of your roof during tornado, hurricane, and tropical storm seasons are the shingles or tiles, as they may be stripped off, membranes as they can gain water damage and heavy pooling, encouraging mold growth in deeper layers of the roof system. Membranes, if not properly lain down initially, may have splits; flashing may not be properly sealed; these and other construction flaws will not hold up against high winds, excess moisture, or debris damages. Roof systems may also incur “lifting” during strong winds from both tornadoes and hurricanes, which may require large repairs.

No. 1 Home Roofing puts quality and durability above all else in terms of materials used on construction of new roofs or repair of older ones. Largo home and business owners will be at an advantage when they choose to have their roof maintained by our roofing professionals. Protection of your investment and prevention of enormous repair pays off in the long run.

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