Safety Harbor Roofing Installation and Repair

Pinellas County is known as one of the most vulnerable areas to hurricane damages. While hurricanes near the gulf do not always directly cut through the county, winds and slough-off debris continue to cause damages to homes and other buildings, lending to necessary roofing repairs to protect interiors.

If your home or office is located in Safety Harbor, you’ve experienced the beautiful of this quaint and charming town. Migratory patterns of tornadoes and storm winds show that Safety Harbor does have the potential to one day incur major and direct impact of these natural disasters.

Those residing in Safety Harbor will know that being on Old Tampa Bay puts them at risk for surges from hurricane winds. Records indicate that storm surges into the bay area have reached 20-foot heights. Those surges can cause flooding and, being the cause of powerful winds, are accompanied by more serious debris rushes. Some debris during high storm season may be small, but can cause a good deal of damage to your roof in Safety Harbor when penetrating shingles or cracking tile.

Though hurricanes and tropical storm winds can be devastating to personal property, Safety Harbor residents should also be mindful of tornado damages that are common in the area. Within the Safety Harbor neighborhoods are many old growth trees. Home to an oak tree with an estimated age of between 300 and 500 years, the community also houses other elder and protected oaks with low-hanging branches. During tornado winds, older trees are at risk of being struck by lightning or unable to battle wind speeds that cause limb breakage. Those limbs could quite easily destroy a roof and cause further internal damage to a structure. Emergency situations like this can be trusted to the quick and professional services of No. 1 Home Roofing.

No. 1 Home Roofing takes pride in delivering to you durable and reliable products that outshine competing materials which may have been used during the construction of your roofing system. Be at peace knowing that when you’re in need of repairs, every shingle, tile, and accessory we use has high water resistance and wind ratings with manufacturer guarantees to keep you covered.

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